Fontana Pharmacy Online

Hello my Savvy Shoppers!

Spring has Sprung and that  could only mean one thing …. Shopping for new Stuff .  As always I’m here to help you find the best deals all around. I’m sure we’ve all heard about Fontana Pharmacy ( if you live in Jamaica ) They’ve been around since 1968 years and has recently launched an Online site. Follow the jump as I tell you all about my Online Shopping experience with this long standing company. [Read more...]

Groupon Beauty Week 2015

Hello my savvy Shoppers! I’ve found you yet another exciting deal. The popular Coupon site “Groupon” this week launched their Beauty Week. This simply means there will be crazy discounts all week long on selected stores and Websites.  [Read more...]

Introducing Remittance JA

Hello My Savvy Shoppers!

Though I’ve been MIA for quite some time I’ve been reviewing all the comments , suggestions and concerns and must say Jamaica has grown to accept Online Shopping. With that being said , I’ve realized the main concerns are centered around Paypal. No longer will your money sit in Paypal or you have to wait to have a check deposited in your account  [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Buy In Bulk

Hello Savvy Shoppers ! Today’s post is all about putting your best “frugal” foot forward and learn why you need to buy in Bulk . Times are hard almost everywhere in the world! Things will only get harder here in Jamaica as it relates to the “Basic Necessities” … they can get really expensive .  Read Below to see the best reasons why you need to change your shopping status from “Singular” to “Plural” and shop in Bulk. [Read more...]

The top 3 Online Problems of International Shoppers

Hi Shoppers! As you can tell by the topic above , today i will be sharing the Top 3 Online  problems we face as International Shoppers. While Shopping Online can be therapeutic , time saving and an ends to a mean , let us discuss the “dark” side of this worldwide phenomenon! Follow the jump to see some of the challenges we face.

[Read more...]

3 Places To Never Buy Make-Up Online

Hello My Savvy Shoppers! I hope you have all been using this website as a guide to get all the best deals Online and also some of the best places to Shop. As you all know by now , we are in fact living in a Digital Age everything is Online. Below are some of the places to never buy Make-Up Online.  [Read more...]

White Fur Jamaica: Get Your Vintage Fix

Hello my Savvy Shoppers! I know when you read that topic you must be wondering “Vintage Clothing Shopping in Jamaica , No way”. Before you go knocking it down I would like to introduce White Fur to you. Let’s take a moment to talk about what Vintage Clothing Shopping is. [Read more...]

Things Jamaican Launches E-Commerce Site

Hell my Savvy Shoppers ! If you are a Jamaican who have never heard about “Things Jamaican” you probably live under a rock. Things Jamaican is a store that sells Authentic Jamaican items made in Jamaican by Jamaicans. [Read more...]

The Top 5 Websites for Wedding Items

Hello my savvy shoppers! This is the time of the year deemed as “Wedding Season”. Here in Jamaica , Wedding Season official begins at the end of February with Wedding Spectacular which is a two day Wedding Expo where various vendors showcase all things Wedding related. This is the time of year when people are getting married or being invited to weddings. Below are the top 5 places for all things Weddings. [Read more...]

Sears Vs J.C Penney

Hello my Savvy Shoppers! It is that time of the day where you have a cup of Tea or Coffee, sit back and prepare to go into a realm where there are always discounts. Popular retailers J.C Penney and Sears both have one thing in common: their major target is working class middle age women.  The main question we would like to get an answer to is “Who has the better Deal?”  [Read more...]