5 Reasons to Buy In Bulk

Hello Savvy Shoppers ! Today’s post is all about putting your best “frugal” foot forward and learn why you need to buy in Bulk . Times are hard almost everywhere in the world! Things will only get harder here in Jamaica as it relates to the “Basic Necessities” … they can get really expensive .  Read Below to see the best reasons why you need to change your shopping status from “Singular” to “Plural” and shop in Bulk. images (14) 1. It Saves Money : When you buy a large amount of items  at once , it saves on average 30-50% each month . Try to find Bulk items like Tissue  that you know will last a long time or that you use often . Stores like Price-mart and Mega-Mart here in Jamaica offers “Wholesale”/ Bulk Shopping. For all the Single ladies out there … you can simply combine funds with your friends and have a huge Supermarket Haul . Those Bulk products will go a long way and is a lot for one person . “Team Work Makes the Dream Work”. Also , be sure to buy things that are on Sale.

2. Reduces Transportation : Gas prices are ridiculous these days . If you go to the store and buy all you need at once as opposed to every week or month , you will be saving money on gas . This is a lot similar to the first point , but the less you drive , you will also be reducing your “Carbon Footprints”. Think about all those fumes coming from your vehicle as you line up in traffic at the end of each month to go to the grocery store.

3. Its Healthier: Have you ever been to the Supermarket , went to the Canned Goods Aisle and saw dust on top of the cans? Do you really know how long those cans have been sitting on that shelf ? A lot of canned goods contain a chemical called BPA which can have negative effects on your health . The BPA is used as a preservation for canned foods . The great thing about buying in bulk is that items are replenished really quickly in the designated ‘Bulk Area”.

4. Unique Items : The Bulk section does not have a lot of “traditional brands” . Here you can find so many things the possibilities are endless. I’ve seen different types of Cookies , Cereals , Snacks and Drinks . One of the top sellers is Quinoa which will soon replace Brown Rice for all for heath conscious savers.

5. Cuts Down on Food Waste:  You can generally purchase Bulk Food any way that you will want it or eat it. Less of it will end up in the trash because it has a longer expiration date . This also encourages you to make healthier dishes at home for yourself and your family as opposed to purchasing Fast Food .

For those of you who buy in Bulk , what are your reasons?

For those of you who don’t what are your reasons?

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