How to overcome Payless online processing issues


Payless online often rejects shoppers from Jamaica.

This is NOT by design.

We are sure that Payless online wants our orders, however the site is setup in such a way that it rejects certain orders based on the details entered by the shopper.

Here’s how best to overcome those issues…

1. Credit card address matches shipping address

The biggest problem that shoppers in Jamaica have on Payless seems to come from their credit card address. Very often the address is a Jamaican address but the shipping address is a U.S. one. Amazon processes those order without a problem, but many online stores don’t as it is a sign of potential fraud.

Basically it is because someone could have stolen a card and be using it to send items to themselves. So for online store like Payless they want the shipping address to match the credit card address.

The best way to fix this it to call your local credit card provider and add your mailbox shipping to your card details. Credit cards can have up to 3 different addresses assigned to them (mailing, home, work). Adding your mailbox address as a mailing or work address is fine.

2. Shipping address is entered properly

Payless OnlineYou may have added your mailbox address to your shipping address but still having problems getting orders processed. This might simply have to do with how you have entered your shipping address on Payless online.

Both when adding your U.S. address to your card and when entering your address, try and make sure that the address reads as naturally as possible and does not seem like a credit card address. One such idea is to put your mailbox number as an apartment number. For example:

Janice Brown
7979 NW 21st Street
Apt. kin9999


In the above example we tried to avoid numbers signs (#) and dashes (-) and gave the mail box a more natural feel with the abbreviation for apartment. Don’t worry your mailbox provider will still process the package correctly.

Payless is a Jamaican shopper favourite. We want to ensure you get the best experience possible.


  1. Why dont you have a store in portmore st Catherine jamaica

  2. Does Payless Jamaica take debit card(s) from online customers?

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