Online Shopping for Men

Hello my Savvy Shoppers! Today i would like to focus on the men. Gone are the days when it was said “ the average male is not Fashionable” , men have come a long way and they are starting to take a lot more interest in the way they look . With that being said, more men are starting to Shop Online …. the “average” male spends 2-3 hours browsing items Online with hopes of making a purchase. Whether you are an “Average” or “Fashionable” male, here are tips for Shopping Online. [Read more...]

Kmart Layaway Online

Good Morning Shoppers! If you are one who takes notes of Commercials ( like myself) you would have noticed that Retail giant Kmart started promoting their festive season at the end of September . This commercial featured one of their best Promotions ” The Kmart Layaway”  , when you see the commercial you know Christmas is right around the corner and its time to bring those pocket books out. Unfortunately, we do not have a Kmart in Jamaica but! We are now able to do Layaway Online :-)  Here is how it works for International Shoppers.  [Read more...]

Where Are Men Shopping For Clothing Online?

Savvy Shoppers ! Today it is all about the men , it may seem a vast majority of these posts seem to be more female oriented .. however men love great deals too. The average male is not “Fashion Forward” , most men hate shopping because its time consuming but things and times have changed significantly so the question on everybody’s lips is “Where are Men Shopping for Clothing Online? Here are the 4 most popular places men like to Shop Online. [Read more...]

The Best Sites to get Quality Children Clothing

Childrens’ clothing is one of the top 10 things search for on the Internet . People are always trying to find deals on items for children because kids grow fast and it would be common sense to know where to find quality items that will grow with them. Childrens’ clothing is expensive! Here are some of the best places you can find quality Children’s Clothing at an affordable cost.

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How To use Coupons from

Hello my savvy Shoppers! It is another amazing day to discover great deals, tips and of course to die for offers. Today we will be talking about how to use coupons . If you are an avid reader of this Blog , you would have noticed that whenever coupons are mentioned we tend to mainly mention  Today , we’ll be taking the attention away from and focus on Retailmenot . If you are a Fashionista , who loves a great deal , keep reading. [Read more...]

Making It Fit : Tips for finding your “True” Size Online

Hello my Savvy Shoppers! Can you believe Christmas is only months away? Can you imagine all the crazy Online Sales that will be out there just waiting to be discovered?Be sure to stick around while i share all the best sites and of course deals where you will be able to get the best value for your money. Shopping Online has so many wonderful perks and amazing experiences . Today , i will be sharing tips on how to buy clothing that is your “true” size , as this can be quite a challenge when you are not able to fit clothing.

tape measure


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The Sammy Dress Duplicates

Shoppers! Today we’ll be having more of a “girl talk” session instead of the usual deals and so on. I discovered something that i must share with you all , times are hard and i wouldn’t want to recommend Online Stores that give have low quality clothing and terrible customer service . The information i have for you is quite daunting so you might want to read everything to the end. [Read more...]

How To Bargain Shop Online

Hello My Savvy Shoppers ! As you can tell by today’s topic ,I will be sharing some ways you can bargain shop Online. In Jamaica, we are not too keen on this Online Shopping “Phenomenon” . We like to see , touch and even smell our purchases. We all have different schedules and for some shopping is not a necessity especially in these hard times. If you are not able to make it to the store , why not Bargain Shop Online ? Read below for tips!

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The Best Courier Services In Jamaica

Hello Once again my Savvy Shoppers ! Today we will be looking at The Best Courier Services in Jamaica . This is at the request of one of our readers and i thought it made sense to discuss this topic .  Wise Geek Defines a Courier Service as “A Company that offers special deliveries of packages ,money , documents or other information. Unlike traditional mail , Courier Services offer a wide range of Services and the delivery time is usually faster”. Read Below for the 5 most popular Courier Services in Jamaica. [Read more...]

Sheinside Offers FREE Shipping Worldwide

Hello Savvy, Frugal Shoppers ! That title was not read in error it actually does say ‘FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE”. SheInside is a U.K based Clothing and Accessories Online Boutique that specializes in all the things women love. It is no different from most Online Boutiques of that nature in that to have access to the best deals you have to sign up and become a member .  [Read more...]