Post Office Vs Courier Service

Hello My Savvy Shoppers ! As you can tell from the topic , we will be looking at two types of Delivery Services Today.  This Post is of course based off my personal experience but I’m sure our experiences will differ based on Age , Country and Region. Read below to see which i think is best.

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The Post Office

Post offices have been around since the 40′s . They were used to deliver important mail to people who were geographically separated . This allowed people from various classes who did not have access to Transportation to communicate with their families and friends who were far away . Today , Post Offices are deemed as ‘Dinosaurs” in the Delivery world and are mainly supported by the older generation . Believe it or not , there are people who still use the Post Office ( myself included) . Below are some Pros and Cons of using the Post Office.


It is great if you opt for Free International Shipping . Quite often , the package will come straight to your home address

You are helping to support the Economy


Your Packages might sometimes conveniently get “lost”in the mail

Service you receive will be at the discretion of the clerk’s mood when you arrive . You could be there for hours

Your Packages are never in tact . In Jamaica for example it is a standard procedure for the Clerks to check certain packages once they weigh a certain amount . Let’s just say discretion is not a part of their vocabulary . When you get your package in hand , it looks as if it was dropped in a den of hungry Lions.

Delivery takes forever and a day !

Courier Services

Courier Services began in China as a way to provide outbound and inbound shipping and also to connect China to countries such as Canada , U.S.A , U.K and many other countries . This Service benefits China because of their large Clothing and Accessories Factories and Wholesales and their need to provide a service that would be beneficial to their Economy.


There are many options for you to choose from unlike the Post Office . There is Mail Pac Express, Dhl , Shipwise and the list goes on

Delivery is quick! There is even the option for next day delivery

They offer Shipping Insurance and Tracking : If your package gets “lost” or arrives damaged , you will be able to get a new one in return


This Service can be expensive . In order to use this service , you need to register with an Account . There is a one time fee that is paid  yearly to maintain the service. Also , you will have to pay by weight for your package so you are left to calculate figures on your own . Luckily ! We provide a Calculator on this website :-) Look to the right of the page

It is quite obvious who has the better Shipping based on Service and functionality … hands down … the Courier Service !!! Below are the links to some you should check out here in Jamaica.


Ship Wise

MailPac Express

What is your Preferred way to send and receive packages?












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