Sears Vs J.C Penney

Hello my Savvy Shoppers! It is that time of the day where you have a cup of Tea or Coffee, sit back and prepare to go into a realm where there are always discounts. Popular retailers J.C Penney and Sears both have one thing in common: their major target is working class middle age women.  The main question we would like to get an answer to is “Who has the better Deal?” 

In order to do a fair comparison, I’ve decided to narrow it down into three categories Cost, Quality and Variety.

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Sears: Sears decided to re-vamp their business model to appeal to a younger audience. Since females between the ages of 16 -27 are the ones who are constantly making purchases Online, this made sense. They went from frompy and dumpy to more trendy and edgy pieces. They have a wider variety of brands with Pop Culture influencers like the Kardashians and High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens as their “Bongo Girl”. They even have a site that is designated for International Shoppers which means more options for more people. Click here to visit the site.  The prices are honestly not bad … depending on your location the prices will be quoted in your local currency. I’ve seen items for as low as $400 JMD ( Shipping not included) As it relates to quality, based on my experience they use 100% of whatever material the garment is made of. If its cotton garment its 100% Cotton and its the nice cozy non itchy cotton, not the cheap.

J.C Penney: This store reminds me of cardigans and pearls ( mature women fashion ) J.C Penney has come a long way from catering to Middle Class Women to Upscale now back to working class. They have extended their categories to include items for the home , baby , handbag and accessories and even windows. The thing about J.C Penney is that they’ve placed themselves in a box from the Onset so its hard to see them as anything other than a cardigan store. They’ve also now added International Shipping and items can be sent directly to Jamaica without the third party. As it relates to pricing … they are expensive! They have good quality clothing Online but you will be paying an arm and a leg for them. Click Here for nice dresses.

Based on the information above. I would say Sears won this battle. Retail is a really tricky and in order to stay on top, business owners always have to be ahead of their competition and be able to spot trends. I find that even though J.C Penny have quality clothing , their items are not as Trendy as the ones from Sears.

Which do you like more? J.C Penney or Sears?






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