The Best Courier Services In Jamaica

Hello Once again my Savvy Shoppers ! Today we will be looking at The Best Courier Services in Jamaica . This is at the request of one of our readers and i thought it made sense to discuss this topic .  Wise Geek Defines a Courier Service as “A Company that offers special deliveries of packages ,money , documents or other information. Unlike traditional mail , Courier Services offer a wide range of Services and the delivery time is usually faster”. Read Below for the 5 most popular Courier Services in Jamaica.

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The Courier Services are in no particular order , they are the most popular ones used according to people i surveyed.

MailPac Express:  As we say in Jamaica , this Courier Company is well “tun up” . They have locations Island wide and offer a number of Services . I like that with MailPac you are able to talk to real people in real time. Mai Pac delivers over 40,000 Packages “safely” per month and has a customer base of over 75,000 . The Highlight of MailPac is their top of the line E-Commerce Service . If you sign up but is too busy to shop , they will even do the Shopping for you !

DHL: This is one of the more traditional Services in Jamaica meaning that it has been around for quite some time. They Offer regular mail/parcel delivery , International Mail Solutions as well as other services. Once you sign up with this Company , you will have access to a “Shipping Schedule” , where you will be able to see the status of your Packages/Mail as well as other information. The website is simple and easy to navigate.

FedEx : Here is another “traditional” Courier Service in Jamaica. When one thinks about  ” Parcels” Fed Ex is the first place that comes to mind. The thing about FedEx is that they are on the expensive side , but as it relates to the service they provide , its well worth it. On the main page , you are able to track up to 30 packages/parcels once you have signed up as a member.

Global Courier Service : Global Courier is relatively new on the Courier scene but they have come a long way since 2002. I personally like the fact that their  Office offers an area where you can use the Internet to shop if you do not have access to a Computer .  The thing about Global Courier was that they had limited resources , but MailPac actually acquired the company in 2011 and they now operate under MailPac Services , but still maintain offices at Lady Musgrave Ave and Liguanea Post Mall.

Union One Express : Union One Express is a Subsidiary of the First Union Financial Group Ltd. Their Mantra is ” Anything , Anywhere , Anytime” . They offer services for both local and Online Shopping . I like the fact that the website provides information on the whole Online Shopping Service and their services in general . Online Shopping is popular all over the world , but its still relatively new here in Jamaica.  I like the fact that they are vocal on Social Media ( Facebook and Twitter ) , if you are not able to reach them by phone or e-mail , you can always drop a line on Twitter or Facebook.


These are the most popular Courier Services in Jamaica . If there is one that you use that you did not see on this list , please go ahead and let us know by commenting below.




  1. You guys left off THE best courier: ShipMe!!!

    • Lol .. Thank You Didan …how do you like their services?

      • ShipMe has very poor customer service; I will never use them again. Mailpac express is very good tho.

        • Mailpac Express does offer great Customer Service … Thank you for your comment Petagay

        • Shipme is great I never had a problem with them

          • Melodeen Davis says:

            I have a problem with shipme when you sign up they
            say tell family and friends to send you things using shipme and when they pack packages and send it from home its a hassle to get it its my first time using shipme am going back to my FedEx shipme should by now know the difference between online shopping and things sent from a normal address. It sucks just because you didn’t buy your things online
            and don’t have an invoice.

  2. I love Shipme. The team there is great & I just can’t understand why someone would say they have bad customer service. I’ve been using their service for over two years & I’m yet to have a bad experience. Wouldn’t think of switching as their services has only gotten better

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