The top 5 Reasons Jamaicans are not Shopping Online

Hello Shoppers, today I would like to take some time to talk to you a bit about something I’ve noticed among Jamaicans. Don’t worry, I’ll be back with the deals really soon. Online Shopping is convenient it gives you the opportunity to purchase items from the comfort of your bedroom or even on a bus.  Unfortunately, not everybody sees it like that. Here are the top 5 reasons why Jamaicans are not shopping online:

601401_543116435709855_618208975_n        Trust: We live in the “Internet Age”. You are able to get anything you want by simply clicking your mouse and poof! your item will appear. Many Jamaicans are not too keen on this revolutionary concept and will not divulge their personal information such as their Credit Card number to “Internet People”.

        Time: Even though everybody has a smart phone … nobody ever has time to go online and search for deals from store to store on various websites. A perfect example is my sister. Bath and Body works is having their “Semi Annual Sale” and being the Fragrance junkie she is… I was expecting her to jump on this amazing deal , her response when i told her about the sale was “hmm mmm”

        Lack of Information: In this instance I will use my good friend and the same Bath and Body Works Sale. I told her about the sale, she was intrigued and her response was “how can I shop online from Jamaica”. If more Jamaicans knew about signing up with a local courier service to get an International Shipping address … more people would shop. The days of “waiting until somebody goes abroad” and giving them money to buy your items would be gone.

        No Credit/ Debit Card: Yes there are people who do not have a bank account and therefore don’t have a Credit/Debit Card. These people still believe in saving under their mattresses and will not allow a financial institution to handle their money. It’s a sad reality but I know people in my age group who do not have a bank account ( I’m in my 20’s ) Think about it

        Lack of self-control: This should have been somewhere up the top, but based on a mini survey I did among my friends this was at number 5. Sometimes we like to think that a Credit Card is like a “Black Card” … you will be able to spend and spend forever and ever. Not quite so! I’ve known so many people who developed a shopping addiction and fell deeper and deeper into debt which resulted in them having emotional trauma. The sales and discounts and not to mention those coupon codes at checkout will have you “buying out that store”. That money will actually be deducted each month from your hard earned savings plus tax and interest.

Are you an Online Shopper?

 Why do you think most Jamaicans are not shopping Online?






  1. Kedisha Williams says:

    What local courier service would you recommend? I used E-biz n the past, but that was a while ago. An article on the different couriers, rates etc could be beneficial. Let me know your suggestion.

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