What Exactly IS Online Shopping?



Hello my Savvy Shoppers ! I’ve realized that I’ve been sharing tips on Saving and Introducing you to new Online Sites

and i thought it made sense to tell you what Online Shopping is. Believe it or not there are sooo many Jamaicans who have no idea what Online shopping is or even know how they can shop online.  Follow the jump to find out what Online Shopping is and how you can shop online.

What Online Shopping  Really is

According to Dictionary.com Online Shopping is

“Electronic shopping ; shopping done via the Internet ( also called e-shopping )”.

Online Shopping emerged in 1991 by Tim Berners Lee who created the first World Wide Web Browser and Server. This new way to shop grew into a world wide phenomenon in the mid 2000′s by popular retailers who wanted to extend their client reach . Contrary to what some people might believe , Online Shopping is not ONLY limited to computers.¬† Anyone can shop online as long as they have access to the Internet , it can be from a Phone , Tablet , I-Pod anything that has an active Internet Connection.

What Do I Need To Shop Online?

There are 2 main things you need to shop online . A Credit/ Debit Account and a valid Shipping Address . There are some Online Shopping sites that may not ship Internationally , this is where an International Shipping Address will come into place . You can sign up for one of these with one of your local courier services like MailPac. As it relates to your Credit/ Debit Card , note that for most stores , the cost of shipping will be separate so you might have to consider that as well as the fee your bank charges to shop online. Use our handy dandy Calculator located at the right of this page. If you are concerned about Credit Card Safety , Please read my article on Shopping Safely Online with a Credit/ Debit Card HERE.

Online Shopping is great for people who have busy lifestyles and might not have the time to go from store to store to purchase items . It is a great way to shop for anywhere you want wherever you are in the world and have it delivered right at your doorsteps .

Are You a Savvy Online Shopper?

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Online Sites?



  1. what kind of credit card is required to do these online shopping? can our regular credit/ debit card from Jamaican banks be use?

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