FedEx vs DHL : Who is the Better Courier Service In Jamaica

Hello Shoppers , Today we will be looking at two popular courier services used in Jamaica . Quite often people will opt for a Courier service because it is more convenient due to their day to day life . These couriers will attract an extra cost to have your items delivered at your door . Let’s see which Courier service is better. [Read more...]

Knowing your Rights: Using E-Bay and Amazon as an International Shopper

We all buy stuff. Did you know that as a consumer, there are certain rights you are entitled to? I find that in Jamaica we are not too keen on these rights, .both the consumer and trader.

rightsAny item you buy from a trader (eg shop or online shop) must be:
• of satisfactory quality
• fit for purpose
• as described
If it isn’t, the item is faulty and you can usually get one of the following:
• repair
• replacement
• refund

You may also have other rights depending on where you bought the item and how you paid for it.

For the purpose of this Blog, we will be looking at the Return Policies from E-Bay and Amazon for International Shoppers. These websites are most commonly used among International Shoppers.

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How to use PayPal with a Jamaican Bank Account

As an International Shopper, there are so many restrictions especially as it relates to Payment. Today, we will be looking at how you can use Paypal with your Bank Account as an International Shopper.


Firstly, there are many people who have no idea what PayPal is or how it works. According to Wikipedia

PayPal is a global e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet

In order to use Paypal, you must sign up for a Paypal Account. [Read more...] : The Best Kept Online Secret

There is nothing better than a great deal … but what’s even better than a good deal is a “Good Quality Deal”. There is a quaint new online Boutique called “10Dollar” and if you have not already guessed it … nothing is over $10USD ! You heard that correctly. This Website has been creating a buzz in the Online Community for it’s great prices and quality items.


Quite often , when websites offer clothing at ridiculously low rates , the quality tends to be really “shabby” to say the least . These Websites will also have items that are not trendy and they will take a long time to change their stock. Speaking of change , will change the way you think about “bargain” shopping . There is no better way to describe this site than a bargain . They carry items for : Men , Women , Plus Size , Girls and Boys as well as other Miscellaneous items such as Handbags and Accessories.

The items are stocked and changed each week and you are able to find trendy items for the season . It might take a while for you to see everything as there are numerous pages of items to tickle your fancy. The only thing i found cumbersome was the fact that i had to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to find Shipping and Contact info. Bear in mind , there are tons of items per page so it’s a loooong way down to the bottom of that page.

Ways you can save on

Just in case you have not already been intrigued by this website , below are some ways you can save even more .

Promocodes: To the right of your page you will see a tab in Red which says “Promocodes” . Clicking on this tab will prompt you to share the website on various Social Networking sites where you will see various discounts, right now it’s 3% off your entire order.  Simply copy and paste your code and apply at checkout.

download (1)

Refer A Friend: If you look towards the top right of the page you will see ” $10 Per Friend” . Each time you refer a friend who shops on the website you will get $10 Credit to Shop.

Courtesy Shipping:  This is located at the top most part of the page in the blue tab written in pink Florescent writing with the picture of a delivery truck . If you spend under $9 , you only pay $1.99 for shipping … If you spend over $50 you pay 10% max for shipping. See the example below :

10% Shipping Example: Spend $58 – pay $5.80 in shipping / Spend $147.00 – pay $14.70 in shipping

I would also recommend signing up for the Newsletter which can be found at the very top of the page with an “Envelope” icon . Newsletters are a great way of keeping informed about sales , deals and of course new items . If you are looking for quality items at great prices visit

The Top 3 Websites to get Ebay Cashback

It was just a few weeks ago that I received an e-mail from Ebay prompting me to click a link to receive “CashBack” from some of my recent purchases.  Of course I wondered if this was beneficial to me as an International Shopper, as it turns out IT WAS! Today, I will be telling you ways you can receive CashBack on your purchases as an International Shopper from Ebay.  Here are my top 3 Websites to get Ebay Cashback   … [Read more...]

Amazon + Sammy Dress =

download (3)

Fashion Enthusiasts ,  Savvy Savers , Mommies! Come One … Come all i bring you great savings. While browsing the net for great deals and new finds to share with you lovely people , i came across .  The best way for me to describe this website is …Sammy Dress and EBay’s Baby. This is one of my greatest discoveries thus far . Shopping is super easy on this Website. [Read more...]

Bath and Body Works Semi Annual Sale!

Shoppers ! As you can tell from the title, Cosmetics giants Bath and Body Works is having their Semi- Annual Sale! This is the perfect time for some of us ladies to treat our selves . For some ladies , the kids are out of school and you might have a little extra money to spend on yourself , so why not indulge in luxurious scents at discounted prices. [Read more...]

Battle of the Brands: ShoeDazzle Vs JustFab


I must admit , this one is for the ladies . Hang tight guys … i have something coming for you really soon . As Women ,Shoes are our Kryptonite …they are just so pretty and sparkly and call out to us and the urge to buy them is not debatable . Since the past two years there has been soooo many online “Subscriptions” sites for Shoes that it’s almost hard to keep up . ShoeDazzle and JustFab  are two of the more  popular ones. Let the Battle between Shoedazzle vs JustFab begin!

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Shopping Online For Airline Tickets

Here at Online Shopping Ja we looove to shop ! We enjoy going out to shop , talking about shopping and of course sharing tips on how to score the best deals online . Today , we’ll be looking at Shopping for Airline Tickets . It has just been said that the Jamaican Dollar is over-valued which means when converted to USD , the prices for everything is through the roof. Summer is almost here , the kids are almost of out school and it’s a great time to travel . Summer in the travel world is known as “Peak Season” , it is the time when most people travel on average so you can expect to pay a pretty penny for your tickets . If you follow my tips below , you are sure to save on your tickets.


Shop Early:  Most people seriously don’t realize that they can purchase tickets months in advance for their trips . For example, since it’s Summer , start searching for your tickets in an “Off Season” month like March. Please be sure to check out the “Airline Rules” . These can be found at the bottom of your Reservations Page and it basically explains the restrictions of your ticket.


Shop Smart : Here is an insiders tip … Did you know that the cheapest tickets can be found in the early morning ? Try it ! Go to your favorite Airline Carrier Website , look for tickets at around 12 – 1 am , then check again at 3pm in the afternoon . You will notice 2 things. 1) The tickets are a lot cheaper in the early am  2) The cheap ticket you saw in the am would be gone by the 3pm time . I seriously challenge you to go ahead and try this experiment and comment your discovery here.

Shop with Benefits
: This tip is for people who are Frequent Flyers and those who might be . If you look at the top or bottom of your page you might see FQ # and some numbers following that , go to the website of that Airline and sign up for their Frequent Flyer Programs. These Programs help you to save money and time in so many ways! Each time you sign in to purchase your tickets online , you get miles . These miles accumulate over time and can be used to get tickets , rent cars and some will even allow you to convert them into “Hotel Bucks” .  It also saves time in that it allows you to check in from home … yes it works in Jamaica . This is a service offered by American Airlines. I did everything online and the only thing i did at the Airport was print my Travel Itinerary at the Kiosk and Checked my Bags … that was all.

If you are hoping to travel this Summer and want the best rates , check out these tips . It also doesn’t hurt to browse through the Website to know what deals are available to you . When you actually sign up , when there are deals for certain Countries / States it will instantly come to your e-mail. I would not recommend purchasing tickets from those ” other” websites that are not the official Airline Carrier Website as they often have hidden fees and while the initial price might look cheap , you will end up paying a lot more in the long run.

Things To Never Buy Online

T.G.I.F!! Today i would like to share a list of things you should NEVER buy online ! We all get a little crazy sometime as it relates to the types of things we buy ( myself included ). [Read more...]